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Steering rack - Bay Bus T2

Steering Rack kit for Combi Bay - T2 07-1969 - 07/1979


No more play, no more steering problems, find Safety and Pleasure behind the wheel of your Combi!


The kit is mounted in place of the original steering box.

It uses the original fixing screws, only drilling is necessary for the passage of the new longitudinal link.


The original column and flector are retained, no modification is necessary.

The horn plugs in and works like the original!

The steering is softened to facilitate maneuvers when stationary and at low speed.


Ground clearance is improved by 20mm: ideal for lowered vehicles!




- Carter cut from the mass

- Helical pinion and bar in alloyed and hardened steel

- Automatic game catch-up

- TIG welded support, high quality anti-corrosion black coating


The kit contains:


- The complete rack

- The longitudinal link with ball joints

- The angle transmission box

- The fixing supports

- The double U-joint

- The screw kit

- The assembly instructions

Steering rack - Bay Bus T2

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