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Steering Rack - Beetle ball joints / link pins

This reinforced rack kit is installed instead of the original VW front axle, on Beetle, Baja, replicas and all buggies with the original tank.


Find the driving quality, precision and reliability of modern steering in your Beetle or Buggy!

No more gambling problems, treat yourself to pleasure, comfort and safety at the wheel of your VW!


The kit contains:


- Complete steering rack

- Steering rods allowing you to use your original ball joints

- Mounting brackets on the front axle

- U-joint

- Screw kit

- Assembly instructions




- Aluminium housing

- Pinion and bar in alloyed and tempered steel diameter 25mm

- Automatic game catch-up

- Improved steering design and road holding (tie rods of identical length)

- Assembly without modification of the chassis, no welding


Adaptation at the steering column can be done in two ways:


- Installation of a suitable steering column (available as an option): no modification or welding necessary, just dismantle your original column and replace it with the one provided to adapt to the rack.


- Use of the cutting and drilling tool/template available as an option to modify your original column (no welding necessary, simply cutting and drilling).



Steering Rack - Beetle ball joints / link pins

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