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Rack and pinion kit - Beetle front axle

The solution to solve all the play and reliability problems of the original steering box!

Take full advantage of your Beetle, Buggy or Baja and rediscover the pleasure of flexible and precise steering!

This reinforced rack kit is installed instead of the original VW front axle, without modification or welding.

The kit contains:

- the reinforced rack 

- the steering rods

- the steering crosspiece

- the rack support

- a hardware kit

- assembly instructions


3x2'' EVO arm

3x2" trailing arms for VW chassis

These arms make it possible to widen by 2 inches and lengthen by 3", while eliminating the torsion bars.

More stability, more resistance and greater travel!

THE reference solution, tested and proven on the Dakar Classic, to improve the rear suspension on a VW base!


Torsion bar removal kit

Kit for removing the torsion bars on a VW cardan rear axle

Mounts with 3x2" arms, original arms or Porsche 944 steel

Reinforced kit with a 22mm chromoly ball joint and a gusset to eliminate flex on the screw!

3x2" Arms - VW Rear Axle

Rear arms for VW rear axle (Cox)

100% laser cut

3"  longer and 2"  wider than the original

They allow the use of the cardan bars of Combi T2

Stronger, more modern, wider and more travel!

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